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Wooden Dough Bowl Candles and why you need them! - Cavill & Wicks

Wooden Dough Bowl Candles and why you need them!

What is a wooden dough bowl

Wooden dough bowls come in a variety of different shapes and sizes because they are handmade. As the name suggests, in the past these bowls were used to make the dough used to create bread. The wood allowed the dough a warm and insulated place to rise before it was cooked. Now, as you can imagine, since the beginning of time people have used bowls carved out of wood for a variety of purposes but the wooden dough bowl gained some fame in the American Colonial times (even though a caveman with a rock could have started the trend but nevermind). These bowls took a lot of effort to make and were central to a homes kitchen. Due to this they were passed down from generation to generation as a gift and a way to impart the knowledge of bread making which allowed them to feed their families.


Why make a candle out of it?

Obviously we are lucky (or unlucky, depending on your view) to live in a time of convenience where we can run to the store and grab ourselves a stainless steel or plastic bowl for our bread making needs….or a bread maker! With this, wooden dough bowls have become a tool of the past but also have allowed for another use, decoration and design. At Cavill and Wicks we wanted to allow your candles to not only fill your home with scent by using a coconut soy wax blend to maximise scent throw (see this blog to hear more about that) but to decorate your home as well. Our wooden dough bowl candles allow you to have the best of both worlds and quite literally decorate your home with scented candles.

Candle size 

The bowls come in all shapes and sizes because they are handmade but at Cavill and Wicks we chose 2 sizes to fit your home candle needs. Our 3 wick dough bowl candles hold approximately 15oz of wax, while our 6 wick holds approximately 30oz. These two sizes allow the user to maximize their use as a decorative luxury candle for both larger and smaller rooms. A 6 wick candle in a small bathroom might overwhelm the room with scent so we recommend using one of our luxury 9oz candles for that space or positioning the 6 wick in a large open space.

Customization of Candle

Just as these dough bowls are hand carved , Cavill and Wicks felt that candles of this size and beauty should be customized and hand poured to each owner. Depending on the season, you can choose from over 10 different scents to match your mood or vibe of the candle. This takes us a little longer to make the candle but it is well worth the wait to have your very own wooden dough bowl candle, filling your home with your scent of choice.

Re-using the wooden dough bowl for home decor.

Sadly after much use, your candle will come to the end of its life as a scent giving source. However, do not be sad because you still have a beautiful piece of art that is ready for a multitude of different purposes. If you want to go old school then feel free to use it to make some dough but it can also be used as a centerpiece for a table to get that farmhouse style decor look. It can also be used to hold other Cavill and Wicks candles of your choice!

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