About Cavill & Wicks

Our luxurious and opulent candles are custom blended and hand poured in Calgary, Alberta. They are paraben free and made with the highest grade fragrance and essential oils.

We use a natural blend of wax that includes beautifully soft and slow burning coconut and soy. Each and every candle is matched with our high end natural cotton wicks. This allows our beautifully branded candles to light up any room while providing the maximum scent throw with our unique scent combinations. 

We started this company so that we could provide highly scented, luxury candles that are locally sourced, support our favourite charities and bring our unique scent combinations to the world.

locally sourced & hand made

Each candle is hand poured in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We source the highest quality essential & fragrance oils that are paraben & phthalate free and custom blend our own scents. Our natural blend of coconut & soy wax paired with natural cotton wicks produces a clean, beautiful, slow burning candle. 

Giving Back

Giving back is extremely important to us! Part of the reason we started this company was so that we could give back to our community and to the planet.  $1 from each and every item purchased is donated to one of our featured non-profits.




Please visit RMHC for more information or to make additional donations