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Our Brand Story

We are a luxury, earth conscious, coconut-soy blend candle company based out of Vancouver, Canada.

Our journey began in our very own Canadian kitchen, where we grew tired of spending hefty prices on our favourite candles, only to use them sparingly because they didn't last long. We also discovered that these same candles were full of toxic ingredients. We began looking for non-toxic, longer lasting options but grew frustrated when they under performed, failing to provide good scent diffusion in our home. Driven by a shared desire for non-toxic, environmentally-conscious luxury candles that would infuse our living spaces with alluring fragrances - Cavill & Wicks was born.

Our mission was clear: to craft non-toxic candles that were not only visually captivating but also boasted extended burn times and great scent distribution, all at a price point that didn't break the bank. We aspired to offer a touch of opulence and sustainability that could elevate everyday rituals.

After extensive experimentation with wax formulations, we found that conventional soy and coconut-soy blends failed to meet our expectations in terms of scent throw and burn longevity. Determined to achieve perfection, we meticulously devised our very own bespoke wax blend, artfully combining the beautifully soft & slow-burning qualities of coconut wax with a touch of sustainable soy.  To complement this exceptional wax blend, we use exclusively custom-crafted scents and pair each candle with high-end, natural braided cotton or wooden wicks. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that our elegantly branded candles deliver maximum hot and cold scent diffusion, accompanied by burn times that are up to 50% longer than expensive paraffin candles and 20% longer than just so. Additionally, each and every candle is mixed and poured by hand, right here in Vancouver, BC.

While our passion lies in creating exceptional candles, our commitment to giving back remains paramount. At Cavill & Wicks, we pledge to donate $1 from the sale of every candle, whether through retail or wholesale, to organizations like Ronald McDonald House Charities. Our philanthropic efforts extend further as we collaborate with various other charitable organizations, including The Trevor Project, Ruby's Rainbow, and Oceana.

Thank you for joining us on our journey to create the products that we dreamed of, and use in our very own home with our family. 

-Heather & Charlie Cavill