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The Story Behind Wild Poppy & Peach for Down Syndrome Awareness Month - Cavill & Wicks

The Story Behind Wild Poppy & Peach for Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Introducing Wild Poppy & Peach. A joyful blend of wild, red poppies and juicy peaches accented with sparkling Prosecco, bright waterfruit & zesty bergamot.


We created this candle specifically for the month of October because it’s Down Syndrome Awareness month. This particular awareness month is important to me because of my sweet, little niece Poppy Love, who has Down Syndrome. Today is her birthday and this candle is for her.

Let me tell you a little bit about Down Syndrome Awareness month, a wonderful non-profit called Ruby’s Rainbow and a little bit about Poppy. 

Poppy Love
My niece Poppy is five years old, and today is her birthday!  She’s teeny, tiny & is full of spice and wonder.  Poppy is beautiful, smart & kind. She loves music & dancing - especially to Taylor Swift or rap. She has a wonderfully healthy self-esteem and loves to brush her hair (or anyone else for that matter). Her favourite thing to do is to throw rocks in the water and she has zero fear of our 150lb dog Stella and welcomes her licks & kisses. She can recite the entire Trolls, Moana & Frozen movies and she enjoys her own company and independence but she also loves to play with her cousins & her sister. She's affectionate and is generous with her hugs & kisses to those that she loves. Poppy is happy, she is capable and she is smart and I can not wait to see the things she accomplishes! We love you Poppy Love!

Why We Celebrate Down Syndrome Month
The month of October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month and is a wonderful opportunity to spread awareness and celebrate people with Down Syndrome and their capabilities. It was first designated in the 1980's and has been organized every October ever since. People with Down syndrome are just like everyone else. They have similar dreams and goals, they want to have successful careers & families. They can drive, go to work, college, go on dates & get married! 

Ruby’s Rainbow
A portion of the proceeds of this candle will go toward a wonderful organization called Ruby's Rainbow. Ruby's rainbow is a non-profit dedicated to providing scholarships for students with Down Syndrome, spreading awareness of their capabilities and supporting their dreams! Ruby’s Rainbow have awarded over $1.5 million in scholarship funds and over 480 scholarships. Please, read more about them here.

Happy Birthday Poppy! 


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