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Clean Candles Are The Best Candles - Cavill & Wicks

Clean Candles Are The Best Candles

CLEAN BURNING COCONUT WAX: We create our own proprietary blend of vegan Coconut wax to give you the cleanest, soot free burn possible. 

FREE OF HARMFUL CHEMICALS: Our candles are free of sulfates, phthalates, pesticides & parabens. 

100% NATURAL WICKS: Our wicks are lead free, natural cotton braided or wooden wicks. 

INCREDIBLE SCENT THROW: Due to our proprietary coconut wax blend and the particular percentages of fragrance & essential oils that we use - our candles provide you with the best possible cold & hot scent throw. This means that not only will your candle smell amazing before it's lit - but it will throw the scent and make your house smell amazing when you burn it. 

HAND POURED IN VANCOUVER CANADA: All of our candles are poured by hand in Vancouver, CA. 

COMPLIMENTARY SHIPPING: Order $100 or more and receive free shipping in the US & Canada. We also subsidize part of your paid shipping rates, so when you do pay for shipping, know that we are helping where we can and covering part of that for you.


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